With most people in the world being reliant on their computers, it’s always an issue when something goes wrong – and this seems to happen quite often. While every system is different, some problems have the same cause, and these can sometimes be fixed by some simple troubleshooting. While we can offer professional help, you may want to use these tips as your first point of call:

1. Update your software

Keeping your software up to date doesn’t just fix current problems, it can also prevent future ones. To avoid having to check on this all the time, try and make sure that your software and applications are set to update automatically, which is now an option with most computers. If your computer reboots when you weren’t expecting it to, it might have just been completing an update, so don’t panic too quick.

2. Run a virus scan

A lot of computer problems can be caused by viruses, including slowdowns or crashes. For more information on how to recognise the signs of a computer virus, check out this article. If your computer is showing any of these signs, it’s worth running a virus scan.

When running a virus scan, it’s important to do the most thorough scan possible, which tends to be the one that takes the longest time, as it tries to check out most files. This is sometimes not the scan your computer is set to run, so make sure to double-check the settings and choose the most comprehensive one available.

3. Test your Wi-Fi

If possible, try plugging your computer straight into your router using an Ethernet cable. By doing so, if your internet still doesn’t work, then the problem needs to be taken up with your service provider. However, if other devices are working fine, you now know that there is a problem with your specific device. It’s often a good idea to try all of the simple troubleshooting tips – switching your Wi-Fi off and on, rebooting your computer and updating the software – before eventually seeking professional help.

If these troubleshooting tips don’t work, get in touch with Rapid IT Support for our assistance.