Working in a business environment is stressful enough, so here are 5 programs suggested by Rapid IT Solutions that are already installed on your Windows PC to make life easier in a pinch.

1. Sticky Notes

This one may seem quite well-known, but there are a lot of people that do not make use of this helpful application. Sticky Notes works just like you would think, you can write down quick notes on a variety of different colour pages to ensure you capture everything you need. Extremely useful if you are on a call and need to write something down quickly to refer to later, but don’t want to open up and wait for Microsoft Word to launch.

2. Snipping Tool

Ever found yourself in need of just a portion of an image, document, or webpage, but aren’t skilled with screenshotting, cropping, editing etc? Well, you should try using the Snipping Tool. This handy app lets you click and drag on a selected area, which will then enable that portion to be saved as an image or copied into an email/document.

3. Calculator

Now this one seems pretty obvious, right? But you may still find yourself using your phone to perform calculations in a pinch. The Calculator app can be pinned to the taskbar for easy access and makes for a wonderful tool to perform all kinds of calculations. A bonus is that it comes with varying tools such as currency conversion, scientific functions, and even a programmer function.

4. Paint 3D

The more advanced version of Paint that allows for some pretty varied ways to alter images and tune them to your desired requests. You could use this to get an image to your desired ratio to ensure compatibility with various programs or crop and alter it to better suit an individual client, but there are a multitude of functions here that you can use if you do not have a program like Adobe Photoshop.

5. Voice Recorder

Sometimes writing down notes just isn’t viable or fast enough, so you can use the inbuilt voice recorder app to take audio notes and save them for later reference or to send as a file to a colleague or client. Just make sure your computer/laptop has a microphone, most laptops will, but you can easily use a pair of headphones with an in-built mic.

That’s 5 programs already installed on your computer by default that can make life much easier, without even having to buy or download anything, but you can also call Rapid IT Support who are capable of providing a host of friendly IT advice for you and your business.