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How to optimise your PC

You don't know why, but one day your PC just began to run slowly. Luckily you found us, lets get that sorted.

Optimise your PC.

We use quality optimisation software and expert technicians to optimise your PC. If your PC is slow and frustrating you we can help to speed your computer up. Available 24 hours a day don’t be afraid to contact us if your computer is running slow. We know how frustrating it can be to wait for your PC to load simple applications or just start up of a morning.

Troubleshooting the speed issue yourself can be very time consuming. If you’re not sure on how to optimise your PC correctly you could run into more problems or worse, damage your PC even further. Don’t waste your time bringing your PC to a computer repair shop and risk having to wait 3 days for your computer to return. Downtime can be expensive and frustrating. Contact our expert technicians today and have a resolution within hours.

We can improve the start up speed of your PC. Decrease load times of applications, clean up your hard drive, remove registry errors, reduce excessive memory use by application and check your security software for errors and malfunction. Contact us now and get a resolution. You don’t need to be frustrated any more.

Speed up your PC, remove nasty malware, adware and viruses and troubleshoot any issues that may be hindering the performance of your computer. Our technicians can optimise your PC, identify and fix any system related issues and ensure its optimum performance.

Some reasons why your PC is slow:

  • Fragmented hard drive
  • Virus infection
  • Orphaned files from previously installed software
  • Registry errors
  • Heavy memory use on system start-up
  • Old temporary internet files
  • Security software malfunction
  • Too many background programs
  • Not enough Random Access Memory (RAM) to run programs.