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Computer Repair Service For PC and Mac, Laptop or Desktop

At Rapid IT Support we offer a 24-hour Computer Repair Service delivered directly to you via the Internet. Our professionally skilled technicians are available to you on demand to provide you with computer repair services to resolve any issues you may have with your computer – Laptop or Desktop, PC and Mac. If you have a computer problem we have the solution.

To use our computer repair service please use the ticket form located in the menu above. Once you have submitted a ticket our technicians will log on to your computer remotely (with your permission) and resolve any computer issues you may have.

Our Computer Repair Service Includes

  • Virus removal and security assessments
  • Verify and repair disk errors
  • Clean up hard disk to free up storage space
  • Optimise Windows to boot and operate faster
  • Connect Wireless and wired networks
  • Troubleshooting hardware, software and networking issues
  • Setup backup systems for data security
  • Clean up browsers and remove popup ads

The internet may be vital to your everyday work, but it can also subject your PC or laptop to a dangerous cocktail of malware and viruses. We offer state-of-the-art computer repair services that ensure maximum performance for your device while guaranteeing its protection for the future as well. Learn how we can help optimize your PC with our repair services.

Computer Repair Service

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