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24 Hour Computer Support

The 24 Hour Computer Support emergency service available for your IT Support needs.

The Problem: Why you need a 24 hour computer support technician

You may be thinking; “I don’t need a 24 hour computer support technician“. Depending on your situation, you may be right. But I want you to imagine this: You’re sitting on your computer late at night working away at an important piece of work. It could be an assignment, or job that you need finished by the crack of dawn tomorrow. You’re about to complete your work and call it a night. Your cursor nears the save button to finish your work and shutdown. You press the save button and….it doesn’t save.

You start to feel the anxiety build up inside you, not knowing what to do next in case you make it worse. You think to call one of your smart computer nerd friends, but its late at night and you don’t want to disturb them. Time to think quickly. You know you need a 24 hour computer support technician but one doesn’t come to mind. You think, “Google will have my answer” so you type your search term in Google and… You found this page (we hope). As the saying goes “Well, you’ve come to the right place.”

The Solution: A 24 Hour Computer Support Technician Available When You Need, Where You Need.

You have found the solution to your problems. A 24 hour computer support technician available to resolve your computer issues (that’s us!). Our support technicians provide a professional 24 hour computer support service directly to you through the Internet, on demand. If you need computer support services such as:  Computer tech support, network support services, want to share files, backup your computer, setup emails, remove virus’ or want us to simply troubleshoot your pesky computer issue, our technicians can help.

Our 24 computer support technicians are trained and experienced to deliver expert computer support services 24 hours a day. If your issue is during business hours and not urgent, diagnosis of your computer issue is free. Just contact us by using the provided ticket form and our computer support technicians will quickly resolve your computer issues. If your issue is after hours and is an emergency, lodge an after hours support ticket with us . We’re waiting for you to contact us.

Our computer support technician delivers expert repair and support services for all PCs and laptops. Our services are available 24 hours day to deliver computer repair and tech support services to you, anywhere and anytime you need them. Learn more here.

Some reasons why you would need our IT support.

24 Hour IT Support For Mac or PC
  • You have a critical job to complete and computer problems are stopping you.
  • Virus infection
  • Speed issues
  • Pop-ups
  • Your printer isn’t printing
  • Programs aren’t working as expected
  • Work isn’t saving
  • Issues with cloud services

Do you need other services?

Rapid IT support is here to help you with a whole range of services. We guarantee that we will find a solution to your problem or our service is free. Here are some of the services we provide to assist you:

Computer Security Solutions

Computer Security

Secure your data with best-in-class security software & firewalls. Keep your photos, emails, files and financial records safe from hackers

Data Recovery

Have you accidentally deleted a file? Contact us right away, if acted on quickly some files can be restored with ease.

printer installation and configuration

New Equipment Setup

Recently purchased a new peripheral such as a printer, scanner, webcam or microphone? Contact us to set it up.

New computer setup and configuration

New Computer Setup

We can setup your emails, transfer your data and install your programs so your new computer is familiar to you.​

Email Setup

Do you need email for work or home? We can install, configure and train you on how to best setup your email.

Software installation and setup

Software Installation

Need help installing and setting up your software such as emails, accounting or office applications? We can help.

Speed Up PC

Computer suddenly slower than normal? Let us run some maintenance and increase performance faster than before.

computer repairs and troubleshooting


If you're seeing random errors when trying to run a program or a bit of software isn't running as expected. Our technicians can help.

Computer lessons and tutoring


Learn more about your tech. Contact us and one of our friendly technicians can show you how to get the most out of your technology.

computer backup solutions

Data Backup

Do you have precious files that you cant stand to loose. Let us automate your backup and give you piece of mind.​

Windows OS repair and re-install

OS Repair & Re-Install

If your PC is experiencing critical issues or blue-screens we can fix operating system corruption to get you back on track.

virus removal malware removal

Virus & Malware Removal

Computer suddenly running slow or experiencing random popups. Are your contacts receiving strange emails from you? You may have a virus! We can take care of that.

Can’t see the issue you’re facing on the list? Call us for a worry free discussion on how else we can help you. Don’t worry, diagnosis of your computer problem is free.

What are our service areas?

Rapid IT Support Service Area

There are no boundaries to our service area. If you have an internet connection, you have access to our services. Contact us today and let us take care of your computer issues.