Computer viruses have the potential to be highly destructive if unnoticed. New viruses are constantly surfacing and can affect your device without you knowing. There are often tell-tale signs that indicate your computer has been affected, and these tend to be similar across the board.

We’ve outlined some of these for you below:

Pop-ups and spams
While we often don’t think twice about pop-ups, some are designed to install software to steal personal information or passwords without your knowledge. Others can prompt you to download other software, which might actually turn out to be malware. Some legitimate websites automatically generate pop-ups, but these can mostly be blocked through your browser settings. If this isn’t working you might have an issue. Always think twice before downloading anything that is recommended by a pop-up.

Unknown programs start when you switch on your computer
If an icon or toolbar appears that you don’t remember setting up, you may well have picked up a virus. Keep checking the programs that are running on your computer so you know whether it’s time to take action. On Microsoft computers, you can use Task Manager on Windows to do this. On a Mac, this can be found in the activity monitor.

Poor computer performance
A computer battery should not be draining rapidly, so keep an eye out for this. A virus uses resources on your computer to multiply, causing your battery to drain quicker. Another common sign is frequent and random computer crashes. If you’re seeing that infamous blue screen too often, it might be time to get some help. If your computer is old, it might just be time to get a new one! But if speed wasn’t an issue in the past, you could have picked up a virus. In general, if your computer has been affected by a virus, it might take an annoyingly long time to start, and will still be slow when it does.

For advice or assistance regarding virus removal, or help with antivirus setup, don’t hesitate to get in touch with Rapid IT for support.