Technology is amazing these days, we have come leaps and bounds from where we were even just 5 years ago, but like with anything, age and degradation can pose some issues.

Here are 5 simple tips to speed up your slow computer:

1. Perform a hard drive defragmentation

Performing a simple defrag of your computers storage device will help to ensure all the data you have accumulated over the years is sorted back into an easy-to-read state for your device, which will help to improve its read speed.

2. Reduce the number of startup applications
We all know the common problem of booting up your computer only to be met with window after window of applications starting up, which can have a heavy impact on your boot time. By pressing Ctrl+Alt+Dlt you can access the Task Manager which will allow you to disable any unnecessary programs that are set to boot up when you turn on your computer.

3. Turn off visual effects
Newer versions of Windows sure do look pretty as they come complete with a host of animations and effects to make the user experience more pleasant. If you are experiencing issues with your computer speed though, it may be worthwhile disabling some of these features for the sake of improved performance.

4. Perform a virus and malware scan
It is quite common for your computer to become infected with various viruses and malware after years of use, of course, you want to avoid this by using a decent anti-virus program, but if you have neglected this then it could be well worth using one to perform a complete system scan and see if there are any issues that may be hogging your computers speed.

5. Remove unnecessary programs and files
It is almost unavoidable for a build-up of various programs and junk files to occur over years of using your computer, but there is a high chance you do not need some these anymore. Checking your currently installed programs and removing ones you no longer use or need is a good step, along with removing any files you don’t actually require.

If all else fails, you can always look into upgrading your current system if possible, like I said earlier, technology moves fast, so chances are if your hardware is over 5 years old then it may be time to consider an upgrade to get that desired quick computer speed.