As the 21st century progresses, technology is getting more complex, as well as offering additional efficiency dividends to organisations that are willing to implement new ideas. As a part of this though, you need to have a robust IT solution, and a Managed Service Provider (MSP) can be a big part of that. Let’s go over a few reasons why an MSP can deliver value to you, today.

Understanding your needs

As experts in the field, MSPs like Rapid IT have the best possible chance of giving you not just the best quality service, but the best quality service that targets what is most important to you. Every industry is different, with different focuses, so having experts at your back to provide the best possible technology is of invaluable assistance. Your MSP can sit down with you as well to have a discussion on what you prioritise, to ensure that your own personal expertise in your field is taken into account, alongside the general IT experience that the MSP has.

24-hour service

The best MSPs like Rapid IT offer 24-hour-a-day tech support, for when you are working on something at the office after hours, and an issue is encountered. It could be a critical report or a payroll that absolutely needs to be processed, or it could even be a suspected data breach or period of downtime. Regardless of the scenario, an MSP offering 24/7 support is there to assist.

Security expertise

On December 3, 2020, the Australian government observed almost 5,000 malware attack attempts. That’s just a 24-hour period! On this basis, maintaining a strong set of IT security systems is of vital importance to your business. Even minutes spent down due to a malicious attack could potentially cost your organisation thousands of dollars, so why take the risk? Hiring an MSP includes hiring IT security experts who will be able to put together for you, a robust and complete security package, increasing the safety of your data and your network.

Can you afford not to hire an MSP?

The above is just a summary of some reasons why an MSP could be invaluable for your organisation. There are plenty more reasons, like having someone set up new devices for you, network management, and much more. If you don’t already have an IT support company and want to consider it, give Rapid IT a call today on 1300 727 430.