Apart from new viruses, malware, or software vulnerabilities, changes in human behaviour also pose a security threat especially from employees who work from home. Remote workers have very limited knowledge and control over the IT security systems they use. Some do not even take IT security seriously. Here are 4 tips to help your business provide sufficient IT security to your remote workers.

1. Keep business data on office computers/systems

When it comes to sensitive work data, only let your employees handle it on company devices or during remote desktop sessions. You don’t want them using personal computers for sensitive business data because their family members or friends can share or lose the data. It’s important to keep control over your business devices as well as manage the access and storage of your company data.

2. Set up security restrictions on home routers

Many home users are clueless or do not care about changing the default factory settings for their home routers. Let your company instruct your employees to secure their home routers by also changing the admin privileges, turning on the router firewall and entering a new and strong password.

3. Update operating systems and software constantly

Any business computer with outdated software and operating systems is a huge security risk. It provides serious IT vulnerabilities that malware and viruses exploit. Every type of software is vulnerable in some way but updated software is hard to hack. You can hire a small business IT support service to remotely manage your workers’ software and programme update needs.

4. Educate your employees on how to avoid phishing scams and all other IT security threats

Some employees are so careless or ignorant that they will undo almost every IT security precaution you take. Many stories about high-profile hacks have such employees at the centre. They may click the wrong link, open the wrong email or do something that renders your business computers vulnerable. Teach your employees how to avoid phishing scams, set up strong passwords or identify and avoid opening sensitive files on work and personal computers.

Talk to us about the remote office solutions that fit your business and we will make sure your remote workers have the enterprise-grade IT security systems and IT support to protect your data.