Apple and Microsoft are two of the major computing giants which publish competing operating systems, namely the Windows and macOS lines. To utilise either of these operating systems, you will need to make the choice between buying a Mac or PC. For any given office, both have advantages and disadvantages, so let’s cover a couple of the key differences between the two choices for your IT suite.

Support needed

As a general rule, when it comes to Apple Mac support, less is needed on a day to day basis. Whilst you should get a business IT support service like Rapid IT to assist you with setting up networking, software installations, and so on, maintenance on the whole is generally less of a requirement with a Mac. Macs are famous for continuing to tick along without much intervention. Windows PCs, however, will generally need additional assistance from time to time, both on a software front and a hardware one. Whilst this isn’t going to be a day to day occurrence, PCs can have individual parts stop working, which leads to the need for diagnosis and replacement. So if you absolutely need something that is low maintenance, Macs may be the way to go.


Apple’s products are notoriously static in their functionality and hardware offerings. Steve Jobs was famous for his theory of technology being reduced to absolute simplicity, and this runs through to most of Apple’s suite. Macs excel at design work, creative pursuits generally, as well as convenience/ease of use, but that’s about it. Comparing this to PCs though is a world of difference. A Windows PC can be built and customised to fit almost any need, any business size, or any business purpose. This is why PCs are, generally speaking, the standard that businesses use.


Windows PCs, generally speaking, can come at any cost point. As intimated above, versatility is a strength, and this flows through to costs incurred when purchasing one. This means that, together with your IT helpdesk, you can consider your needs and then spend according. With an Apple Mac though, whilst you do certainly get what you pay for, there is really only one price point available: high. So if you have the money and feel you will get benefit from buying Macs, then it might be an option, but if you are trying to cut costs, then they might not be the best choice.

Windows PCs or Apple Macs summary

Apple Macs are seen as very powerful machines, used by over 100 million people across the world. There’s a good reason for this because there are a lot of great features offered by the Apple systems. That being said, there are also 400 million Windows 10 users across the world, so the numbers may speak for themselves for you. Regardless, when considering your IT solutions, you’ll need the assistance of experts to best consider what is going to suit your needs. To start that discussion, why not call Rapid IT on 1300 727 430.