The Office package is one of the world’s most well-known pieces of software, and is a pivotal one to be included in any enterprise system. When discussing your network with a managed service provider, the 365 subscription may be a topic that comes up. So, let’s cover the 3 biggest advantages to Office 365 in case you were considering an Office 365 migration.


We covered Teams in more detail previously [], but this is a key piece of the 365 package that adds a huge amount of value. Teams is a communication program at its heart, with a ton of additional features such as a calendar that synchronises with other parts of the software, video chat/meeting functionality, and much more. If you don’t already have an internal communication/organisation method, then Teams is going to be a huge reason to consider 365 as a product.


Microsoft Sharepoint is a file sharing service that integrates with the 365 package. This allows a sharing of resources, both internally within your organisation, and externally to assist with supplying information to customers and suppliers , as well as communicating more easily with your IT help desk. This includes integration with OneDrive, so that you can easily access your files on your PC. OneDrive is a mobile app as well, allowing you to hypothetically access your organisation’s files from anywhere in the world. This could also include when visiting customer sites; you could for example have your plan for this customer on your Sharepoint, and quickly load it up on your phone when you arrive.


Productivity is something that every individual aspires towards, and MyAnalytics can be a valuable piece of software to have so that anyone can achieve it. Essentially, it is a log of what you do at work, such as time working after hours, booking in when you are ‘focusing’ specifically on a task, and so on. The main advantage to this is the manner in which this data is displayed; in daily emails as well as ‘activity cards’ which can be integrated with Outlook. This data is therefore easy to distil, and set goals with accordingly, which in many cases can also be done with MyAnalytics.


Teams, Sharepoint and MyAnalytics are 3 things that are outside the ‘main’ 365 package (such as Word, Excel, etc.), which are great reasons to have your IT support helpdesk set up Office 365 for you. Combined, their ability to enhance internal communication, share resources, and deliver productivity data, could prove essential to your business. If you are looking at an Office 365 migration and want to know more, get in touch with Rapid IT today at 1300 727 430.