Internal communication and planning are constant challenges within any organisation, this is doubly true in today’s climate with remote working becoming more common. So, as COVID forces more employees home, your IT solution should adapt accordingly to become more online, and your managed service provider can assist with this. To get the conversation started, let’s touch on a couple of common pieces of organisational software that might give you the edge moving forward, Microsoft Teams and Trello.

Microsoft Teams

Teams is a part of the Microsoft suite of programs, so if you have been considering an Office 365 migration, this might be something that tips the scales. Teams at its heart is a ‘chat’ program, featuring both chat rooms and direct messaging as core features.

Of course, though, it goes deeper than that, primarily in regards to its integration with the rest of the Microsoft suite. For example, Sharepoint, a file-sharing system, can be integrated, a calendar which is seamlessly shared with Outlook, and much more. You can also hold meetings through Teams, with it featuring full audio and video functionality. To top it off, being a Microsoft product, it is a paragon of IT security. If you don’t already have an internal communication system, talk to Rapid IT about how it might help your organisation.


Trello is a piece of software designed for workflow management, and goal setting. Its core feature is the card system; tasks or goals are assigned to cards, and those cards can be heavily customised from there. For example: colour coding, the assigning of specific people to a card, due dates set, and so on. Of course, all of this can be grouped accordingly (e.g. “Not Started”, “In Progress” and “Completed”, or even more complex), and progress notes placed against each card. One feature worth highlighting is the ability to create checklists within individual cards, which allows a task to be broken down into many parts.

By using a visual method of workflow management such as Trello, any given employee can log in and examine at a glance what work needs to be completed, or what is urgent. Further, management can analyse in seconds whether tasks are behind, or ahead. For these reasons, consider talking to your IT helpdesk about getting Trello set up.


We’ve covered two examples of software you can install/set up that could boost productivity and efficiency in this article, Microsoft Teams and Trello. Of course, there are many more options out there, so if you don’t already have some software set up for communication and planning purposes, give Rapid IT a call today.