There are plenty of powerful options out there to boost your organisation’s productivity and efficiency, but these often come with a large cost. In today’s COVID environment, saving a buck is always going to be fantastic. On this basis, let’s look at some software that might just help you out in a big way, that won’t cost a cent.

What is already installed with Windows

We wrote about this topic in more detail before [], but Windows has plenty of pre-installed applications that are fantastic. Sticky Notes is a brilliant tool to help organise your day. The Snipping Tool is excellent for sharing a snapshot of your screen to a colleague or customer. There is more though; one that wasn’t listed in the previous article is the Steps Recorder, which allows you to record a screenshot of every click you complete over a period of time. This is great for getting helpdesk support or PC troubleshooting generally, and much more. With so many options there already, the point is, don’t neglect what you already have!

Video conferencing is now a part of the Office 365 package, through Teams. However, obviously that comes with a lot of cost, especially for smaller businesses who may not be able to afford that kind of outlay. offers for free, 10 video participants in a call at a given time, which for a smaller business is often all that is needed. Being high quality as well will mean that your internal meetings, or meetings with one or two clients, go through without a hitch.


For sending bulk emails, Mailchimp has been a staple of the market for a long time. On a per month basis for absolutely free, Mailchimp will allow you to send 12,000 emails to under 2,000 people. It also features a powerful template designer to really give your newsletters a polish.


Accounting software can be a huge expense to manage, so what if we told you that there was a piece of software out there that was completely free? Whilst unsuited for larger organisations, for any smaller organisation just looking to make sure the books are in order, it’s hard to beat the price tag of $0. With this package, there are no limits to invoices, estimates, contacts and a basic inventory system. There are even apps that you can use to complete your accounting on the go. So, if you are a smaller business that is shopping around for accounting software, definitely consider Wave.


When looking to equip your office with the best in IT services, the price tag still has to be considered. We’ve today given suggestions for entirely free options for personal organisation, video conferencing, bulk emailing and accounting. If you need assistance with these products or anything else, be sure to give Rapid IT a call today, on 1300 727 430.