Microsoft Office has long been considered the hegemon in the world of office software. After all, the word ‘PowerPoint’ is perhaps more widely used than “slideshow”, and in offices around the world, you can see Office 365 installed as the default software on the vast majority of devices. However, in recent years, Google has made a foray into the world of office software in an attempt to cut into Microsoft’s monster share of the office market. Read on to find out more about both suites and which could be best suited to your needs.


Of the two systems, only one needs to go through a software installation process to get up and running. Office 365 has been a comprehensive office system for years, and this has meant that it has always been something that you need to install on your device. By doing so, you can get the full suite working as well as possible in any situation, regardless of factors such as internet connection. By comparison, the Google Suite is a web-based system. Although devices such as Chromebooks can install individual programs for online access, the system is designed for online work, with collaboration and communication at the heart of Suite.


A significant part of the attraction of Google Suite is the collaborative aspect. Users can all work together on a single document at once, meaning your sales team can get a report done in record time. By comparison, the online version of Office 365 works well but is often less smooth and consistent than its Suite rival. Google’s system was built from the ground up to bring workers together, whereas Microsoft’s Office package seems to be focused on local software, with collaboration bolted on as an added feature.


When the question of quality is asked, it depends on what you need. Office365 undoubtedly has many more features than Google Suite, with decades of experience in providing programs such as Word used to tweak and adjust their offering to be perfect to the modern workplace. Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides are still early iterations, and although they are incredibly streamlined, you might find yourself in need of more advanced features that simply aren’t in place yet.

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