Many business owners and IT teams view cybersecurity as complex and expensive. While protecting sensitive data often takes careful planning, there are many simple and cost-effective security measures every business can implement to instantly reduce its risk of infiltration. These include:

1. Update your software regularly

Keeping your software up to date is easy and quick, so there are no excuses to fall behind on downloading the latest patches and security features. If you’re still using an outdated operating system, managed IT services can help you get set up with a cutting-edge version. Failure to keep your systems updated could leave them vulnerable to malware.

2. Teach your staff about phishing

Despite being one of the oldest tricks in the cybercriminal’s book, phishing is still the cause of countless cyberattacks. The best way to avoid falling prey to phishing is to teach your employees about how to spot an unsafe email. If a communication looks suspicious, recipients must not click on links or pass over anyone’s personal information. Even innocent-looking PDF files could contain powerful malware.

To ensure your employees know the ropes, it may be worth organising training sessions as part of their onboarding process, as well as running regular refresher sessions to ensure everyone stays on top of best practices.

3. Implement a data security governance plan

Contrary to popular belief, data leaks are often accidental. If your employees have unfettered access to a range of files they don’t need, mishaps are bound to happen at some point. To ensure your data remains as secure as possible, try to implement tight rules around how data gets shared and establish accountability processes. One of the best ways to do this is to invest in software offering full visibility over who has access to different kinds of data.

4. Don’t forget remote workers

Chances are your remote workforce has grown since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, and it’s vital that you take this into account when drawing up cybersecurity plans. Discourage homeworkers from using personal devices and make sure they know where to turn for troubleshooting advice (such as your IT support helpdesk).

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