Despite the development in cyber software and technology, there are still many common IT issues that we all experience at some point, irrespective of computer model or brand. We have compiled a list of some basic IT issues and how to troubleshoot them yourself.

Constant freezing

There are many factors that contribute to computer freezing. From having too many programs open and your computer overheating to insufficient RAM and computer viruses, the reasons are endless. Before taking targeted measures, try closing tabs that are not in use. If the mouse pointer does not move, press ctrl, alt, and delete all at once on your keyboard. Once here, you can access Task Manager and end tasks that are not responding. If the problem persists once unnecessary programs and tabs are removed, try restarting your computer. You will know if it’s a bigger problem if the freezing continues and is accompanied by pop-up windows or password breaches. This signifies potential viruses, for which you should contact us at Rapid IT.

Forgotten passwords

With many now returning to the office after a long stint of working from home, passwords to company computers are likely to be forgotten. Although there is no way to recover the forgotten password, certain preventative measures can be taken. Always make sure that your password is linked to an email account that can be accessed, or that security question measures are in place. You are usually prompted to take these steps when setting up an account. If you frequently forget passwords, we recommend installing a verified password generator. These applications store your passwords and offer strong, random sequences that are devoid of personal meaning and thus unlikely to be penetrated by outside sources.

Storage is full

Especially with business technology that stores vast amounts of data, PCs have the potential to become full which leads to annoying notifications many times a day. To free up some space, remove any duplicate files or unnecessary software from your computer. This avoids wasted memory and disk space. If this doesn’t help, try clearing your computer browser cache. Advanced PC cleaners can be installed to help with the clearing process too.

If you require help with IT issues, Rapid IT can help. We provide a 24-hour service across Australia and can be reached on 1300 727 430.