Do you want to maximise the productivity potential of your laptop or PC? Do you want to make sure that your laptop or PC is running as effectively as it should be? Here are some top tips for boosting and maintaining the productivity of your laptop to maximise its potential as well as your own!

1. Update your PC every time there is a software update available

Software updates can sometimes seem like a nightmare and something you don’t have time for, but it’s important that you do keep your tech up-to-date! These software updates are designed to keep your PC working as well as it can be, with bug fixes and increased storage sometimes being included in these updates.

2. Get rid of apps and programs you don’t use

Unnecessary apps – also known as ‘junk’ apps – that you don’t use can actually take up a significant part of your PC’s storage which can ultimately slow down your computer or prevent your laptop from being properly updated. Getting rid of these apps and programs is really easy! It will simply require a few clicks or drag to the trash icon, and it can be hugely beneficial to the overall performance of your device.

3. Learn computer shortcuts, or automate tasks

Computer shortcuts are really easy to learn and they can significantly speed up the navigation of your computer, whilst also making monotonous tasks simpler and quicker. An example of a computer shortcut is CTRL and C to copy text/images/links and then using CTRL and V to paste it to where you want it to go. You can also use an automated extension that can learn to do monotonous and repetitive tasks on your PC for you. Both of these options will significantly decrease the time you spend doing time-consuming jobs and will free you up to do more valuable tasks.

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