Remote, online-only IT helpdesk services focus on providing support to individuals and small-to-medium size companies. They help customers nationwide by providing helpdesk support that is enterprise-grade but nevertheless low cost. They can resolve any IT issue that may arise, except for hardware repairs, computer start-up issues and, more generally, any issue where the user cannot log-on to their computer. Let’s take a closer look at online-only IT helpdesk services below.

24/7 support by highly trained technicians

These support providers serve customers round the clock. They offer customers highly experienced, well-qualified technicians and staff that quickly diagnose problems and present reliable, affordable solutions.

Broad knowledge of operating systems, cloud and software platforms

The technicians can support many operating systems, cloud services and software platforms. Many customers with software issues prefer contacting this type of service rather than relying on the support service provided by a software company.

Free diagnosis

Some operators will offer you a free diagnosis if the problem is called-in during business hours. A fee will only be charged upon your approval to proceed to resolve the issue. If a problem is called-in after business hours, only a small diagnosis fee is charged.


Pricing is competitive. Some operators offer a ‘No Fix, No Fee’ service. If they cannot resolve an issue, they will refund the payment and finish the session free of charge.

Case studies

Most cases are handled over the internet and a phone call or email exchange. The types of problems handled by the new support model are many and varied.

One case involved assisting a client who was working on a massive unsaved Word document when his computer was attacked by malware. The solution involved quarantining the malware and then removing it without harming the unsaved document.

Other cases involved setting up a new domain and email access, setting up an Outlook client, helping a client navigate her Windows 8.1 interface, and resolving printer problems.


Remote, online-only IT helpdesk services provide IT support at the click of a button, anywhere with an internet connection. If you are an individual or small-to-medium sized business with IT issues, these services might be the best solution for you.