One of our recent blogs titled ‘Why antivirus software is essential for small businesses’, explained how antivirus software can make your life as a business owner or home computer user easier. But antivirus software is not infallible. Even the best product may eventually get penetrated by determined bad actors. Hackers are constantly developing new viruses, tracking software, spyware, malware, and ransomware.

Danger lurks everywhere

The Internet is like the wild, wild west – a lawless domain. Viruses can come from the most unlikely sources. These bugs are distributed in many ways, including free software, phishing websites, files attached to emails, and pop-up messages. Harmful bugs may even enter your computer from your own removable media, like USBs, CDs and DVDs. It is not unusual for even the most careful computer user to falter and unsuspectingly allow a new bug to get through antivirus defences.


It is quite easy to tell if a virus is lurking inside your computer operating system. Common symptoms include:

• Random reboots and restarts
• Sluggish computer performance
• Excruciatingly slow web browsing
• Inability to access certain websites
• Seemingly random, unwanted pop-ups keep appearing
• Redirection to unwanted websites
• Strange error messages from windows
• Missing or disabled antivirus software
• Missing documents and pictures

Just one of these signs can mean a virus has found its way inside your computer.

Virus removal is best left to the professionals

Viruses should be removed as soon as they are detected. The longer they remain in a system, the more damage they can cause. They should also be removed completely. If remnants remain in the system, symptoms will reoccur.

Viruses can corrupt and even delete your valuable files irreversibly. They can completely cripple your system by slowing it down to a snail’s pace. In its most extreme form, a virus can lock you out of your system, denying you access unless a ransom is paid to the hackers.

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