Amid the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, many businesses are moving exclusively online. As a consequence, cyber attacks have become more prevalent. Despite the growing threat, many small business owners neglect cyber security entirely. Many mistakenly believe that free antivirus software or built-in internet security adequately protects their data. Unfortunately, this isn’t the case. Here are five key reasons antivirus software is vital.

1. Ransomware protection

Ransomware is an extremely destructive form of malware. Once it enters your computer system, it’s nearly impossible to detect, and cannot be cured. Ransomware will block your access to files and freeze your device. Free and standard antivirus programs cannot stand up against it. To safeguard important information, ensure you choose business-grade antivirus software.

2. Guard sensitive information

Operating an online business entails receiving sensitive customer data. This includes credit card numbers, passwords, bank account information and more. Unfortunately, sophisticated malware can easily steal this information, if left unguarded. You can easily prevent this catastrophic event, however. By simply investing in quality antivirus software, you can rest assured customer data is well secured.

3. Protect emails

Emails are one of the leading channels for Trojans and other viruses to get into your computer or network. They can enter your operating system, damage essential files and enable unauthorised persons to directly access your device. And detecting them is increasingly difficult. They’re often disguised as innocent-looking images, files and links. However, clicking on them means your confidential information can be accessed. Business antivirus software automatically detects these threats, warning you not to open them.

4. Enhanced security

Online businesses deal with sensitive information and accept customer payments on a daily basis. Antivirus protection enables you to do so confidently. Premium packages offer greater security, creating a safe environment for business owners and customers alike. Antivirus software does so by swiftly detecting and blocking phishing attacks and fraudulent websites.

5. Ease of use

To make your life as a business owner easier, antivirus software enables you to manage all security through a single console. This way, an administrator remotely controls all connected devices with ease. Better still, you don’t need to be an IT expert to manage it, thanks to the console’s simple interface.

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