Google Chrome is by far the most commonly used browser, and for good reason. There are a host of advantages to using Chrome that makes for a much better user experience, allowing you to tweak and enhance a variety of things.

1. Install the AdBlock extension

Using the AdBlock extension in the browser is a great way to prevent distracting and unwarranted ads from popping up and interrupting you whilst browsing the internet. This extension will ensure that nasty ads are disabled from popping up all over the screen, and it is simply a must-have for anyone browsing the internet.

2. Organise your bookmarks

Chrome gives you the ability to organise your bookmarked sites into easy to navigate folders, allowing you to organise sites you visit as you please. This is especially helpful for keeping your work and personal sites separate and allowing you quick and easy access to your most commonly used sites without having to scroll through a huge list.

3. Make the most out of your history

One advantage Chrome has over some other browsers is that you can sync not only your bookmarks but also your history across multiple devices. Say, for example, you are browsing the web on your mobile and then transition to your PC or laptop. You can quickly access sites you have visited on your mobile without having to type out the URL as they will be stored and identified by the device they were last visited on.

4. Login saving

As a part of Google, Chrome allows you to save your login details for various sites, making it easy to access sites where you might have different passwords, or just simply allowing you to enter with one click without having to type out your credentials every time. It goes without saying though that you need to be sure you have anti-virus measures in place to ensure your data is protected.

5. Visit the extension store

Chrome has a large number of extensions available to integrate into the browser, ranging from Google Translate to text-to-speech ability, and even seamless integration with a number of 3rd-party applications like Microsoft Office and Grammarly.

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