Here at Rapid IT Support, we understand the importance of having a browser that works efficiently for you. That’s why we want to highlight the advantages of using Google Chrome as your default browser on your laptop or PC.

1. Speed

Google Chrome is known for being an extremely fast web browser that loads, refreshes and displays web pages in a significantly speedy fashion. If you’re struggling with a slow browser, we suggest switching to Google Chrome to avoid slow loading web pages.

2. Accessibility

Compared to some more complex web browsers, Google Chrome is a simplistic and accessible browser that is easy to navigate regardless of your IT skills. The basic design makes sure that web browsing is kept simple and easy, which is hugely advantageous when searching the internet.

3. Automatic translation

Designed to ease your use of the web, Google Chrome automatically translates web pages into your dominant language for you to understand. This is hugely beneficial for those who spend a lot of time researching on the web as valuable pages can be automatically translated so that you don’t have to waste time doing this yourself.

4. If one tab crashes, the others are unaffected

It can be a nightmare when one of your tabs crashes, leading to the inoperability of your other tabs, or the complete loss of them. Google Chrome avoids this. If one of your tabs crashes completely, you can rest assured that your remaining tabs will remain up and running and accessible still.

5. Security

Google Chrome is a secure, trustworthy browser that you can rely on to efficiently search the web for any information you might need.


As with many things, Google Chrome has its disadvantages, however, they are relatively minimal. For example, Google Chrome’s biggest drawback is the memory space it takes up on your RAM. As you can imagine, the advantages of Google Chrome hugely outweigh its disadvantages.

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