There is an almost unlimited amount of software out there, from productivity tools to entertainment and everything in between. There is something for everyone, and today we want to highlight 3 pieces of software that will boost productivity in your office almost immediately; something for dictation, something for automation, and something for planning.

Nuance Dragon

Dragon is a piece of software by Nuance designed around the theme of speech recognition. On this basis, the two primary functions that it performs is dictation, as well as speech-based automation. For example, one could say “insert my signature” in an email, and if programmed, a full signature block will be inserted.

Dictation is a valuable tool for speed and accuracy, as well as health. For anyone with wrist or hand injuries, typing for hours of any given day can be extremely painful, however, dictation can assist. For anyone worrying about their wrist health, dictation can also provide a solution, which is why Dragon is perfect for almost any office space.


If you are tired of busy-work, then Zapier may become an integral part of your IT solution.

For example, let’s say that your business process says that whenever a specific email address gets an email with an attachment, the attachment needs to be saved to a company’s cloud solution, and then your colleagues need to be informed of it. Instead of doing that yourself, Zapier can handle all that for you, letting you get back to the more important business of the day.

Zapier isn’t traditional software, in that it is used entirely in a browser, but that’s fine, since it does everything it needs to do in the background, so you can stay busy. Setting it up can be as simple or as complex as the tasks you need to be completed, but reach out to your managed service provider for assistance if needed.


Trello is a tried and true classic of office planning. Trello uses a ‘card’ system, wherein every task is assigned a card on a board; like a real-world pin-up board. From there, cards can be assigned to categories, assigned to people, updated, and much more. By using software like Trello, large tasks can get broken down into the sum of their parts, and those parts assigned to team members accordingly. Most notably, it eliminates the classic “I thought you were doing that!” pain point that is faced by many within their organisation.


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