Email. For decades now, it has been crucial to the running of any small business. However, although it is fundamental to the smooth operation of any business, it isn’t without its difficulties. Here are three common areas where businesses often need email support.

Disk quota issues

Are you able to send emails, but find that you aren’t receiving any replies? Often the fault lies with storage: if you have too many emails in your inbox, your email provider won’t have the space to store new incoming mail and will send the person trying to reply to you a so-called ‘bounceback’ message stating so. Although your email client will often inform you when you are running out of space, as part of their PC troubleshooting an IT help desk may ask you to email yourself to check for such a bounceback message. If you find you’re out of storage, don’t panic; the solution is easy. Simply delete some of the mail in your inbox, concentrating on the most memory intensive messages, to be able to receive emails again.

Excessive spam

Spam is a nearly unavoidable modern irritation. However, if you find you are receiving excessive amounts of junk emails, it may be the case that your email address is being targeted by spammers. You can reduce the volume of spam by setting up keyword filters and blocking the relevant email addresses. If you have any difficulties with this, Rapid IT is able to provide you with remote IT support, including desktop support.

Email hacking

Especially if your antivirus setup is not up-to-date, email hacking is always a risk. Hackers may take advantage of your email to send spam to others, so it is a good sign that your email address has been compromised if you receive notifications for emails that you don’t remember sending. In order to avoid compromising your email address, it is always advisable to be careful when choosing and using your password. Never enter your password unless you are sure you are on a secure site. If you believe you have been compromised, always contact a professional for email support and virus removal.

Rapid IT Support offers managed IT support for both common and unusual email problems. Contact us today for all your email support needs.