Nowadays, there’s an extremely high demand for sensitive company data on the dark web. Hackers use this information to commit identity theft and other cyber-crimes. Protecting your sensitive data effectively requires training, which is where an IT security expert from a professional tech support company can help. Here are some common warning signs of identity theft and how to mitigate them:

#1. You notice a discrepancy on your bank statement or your cheques bounce

If you find that your bank account summary has a discrepancy, this could be a sign that an identity thief might have spent money using your account. Check your bank statements regularly and contact your bank once you see any unrecognised withdrawals or suspicious charges.

If a thief did access your bank account, close it and open a new one using a new account number.

#2. You get phone calls from debt collectors

Another common warning sign that your identity has been stolen is if debt collectors start calling you or your company and asking for unpaid bills that you don’t recognise. This could mean that someone has used your business data to rack up debts by purchasing goods in your name, upgrading services on existing accounts and benefiting from them.

It’s a good idea to keep an eye on every bill that you receive, including medical bills or statements, to identify discrepancies. Also, take a look at the credit report for any unfamiliar accounts or charges. If you suspect that you’re a victim of identity theft, contact your service provider as well as a major credit reporting agency to report the fraudulent activity.

#3. You receive notification that your information is compromised in a data breach

If you receive notification that a data breach has occurred at one of your merchants and your company’s information has been exposed, act quickly. Swift action will help protect your data from being used for any fraudulent transactions.

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