As a managed service provider, Rapid IT is poised to help with an extremely wide variety of things that will help your business today. In this article, let’s go over 3 of the top benefits that an IT helpdesk can provide you.

Cost savings

IT support services are an expense, but would you have thought that they could make you money? For starters, being able to get back on your feet quickly is a blessing. A 2016 study suggested that the average cost of IT downtime across all businesses is about $9,000 per minute. So if a service like an MSP can get you back up and running as quickly as possible, that is surely an advantage. In addition, managed service providers can assist in creating more efficient processes using technology. If technology can help your business complete tasks even 10 or 20% faster, that’s effectively money in your pocket.


We can all agree that a small business of only a few employees is going to need a less complex IT solution than an organisation of tens or hundreds of employees. In this sense, an MSP is going to be perfect, since its services can scale according to your needs. Only need to get access to support services occasionally? That’s doable. Need to implement a new IT solution and work through that process with experts? Managed service providers can assist with that as well. That flexibility and scalability is a pivotal reason that a managed service provider isn’t just for one business type or size.


For those who didn’t grow up with technology, software can often be hard to use. To this end, managed service providers can assist in providing training packages to your staff. This can be especially valuable in the scenario where you have just implemented a new IT solution that includes a complex piece of software, such as an enterprise resource planning (ERP) suite. As experts in the field, your IT helpdesk can organise training accordingly and get your staff up to scratch.


Managed service providers perform a very wide range of services, and we have covered a suite of these in other blog posts. This article has covered the top three reasons – the ability to save you money, the fact that MSP services scale, as well as offering comprehensive training to staff. Can you afford not to hire an MSP? If you haven’t got an MSP yet, give Rapid IT a call today, on 1300 727 430.