No matter how much you care for your PC and follow standard antivirus practice, you can’t keep it running at an optimal pace forever. Underlying issues will develop, and your computer will grind to a halt. However, there are a few things you can do to keep your PC running smoothly, and you can find out about three of them by reading on.

Keep your hard drive clear

Plenty of people will download thousands of files in the life of their PC, and fail to delete a single one of them. These gigabytes can add up, putting a significant amount of strain on the hard drive. Any hard drive needs a good amount of free space to help your PC run smoothly, letting it move files around and complete its standard duties. By emptying your downloads folder and clearing unnecessary files regularly, you can help your PC to squeeze as much speed as possible from its hard drive.

Restart often

At the end of your workday, it can be easy to just turn your monitor off and go home. Everyone does it, and although it’s a bad habit we should all shake, it’s hard to stop this tendency. However, actually restarting your PC could be vital for the health of your device. This can effectively give your device a “fresh start”, clearing out your RAM and removing any “blockages” that were slowing your PC down. Rather than keeping your computer on for months on end, restarting it at the end of a workday should be a new habit for you to get into.

Update Windows

Plenty of computers can go for years never having properly updated Windows. Whilst this may not be the most common issue with your PC, the operating system is a fundamental feature that you need to keep in the best possible condition. Updates can increase the security of your device and remove bugs to make sure you don’t see surprise crashes or slow downs.

If you have a computer issue that you can’t solve with the above quick fixes, contact the Rapid IT Support team for PC troubleshooting you can rely on.