If you’ve recently upgraded to a new computer, you will most likely be dealing with a blank canvas in terms of software on the system. This is an opportunity to hit the ground running, as there are some incredible applications available for free to help you get the best out of your new computer.

IOBit Uninstaller

It might not seem particularly useful at first glance, as IOBit Uninstaller is just a program that deals with uninstalling other applications. Unfortunately, Windows operating systems have grown more bloated by the generation, with Windows 10 packed with software that most people simply don’t need.

IOBit Uninstaller breaks down all of the bloated software pre-installed on your system and lets you remove it in a few clicks. This can speed up your computer, free up space and make startup times much faster. More importantly, it gives you full control of the software on your machine.

Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox

Windows comes with Microsoft Edge as an internet browser, which is not a bad option but there are definitely better ones out there. Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox are the two heavyweights in the internet browser world, and they are exceptional at their job. Chrome focuses on connectivity and speed, whereas Firefox is geared towards security.

Regardless of what type of browser you would prefer, it’s definitely a good idea to get an upgrade to Chrome or Firefox right away. The additional functionality of either of these compared to Edge can make your life much easier.

VLC Media Player

If you intend to use any form of media, VLC Media Player will play anything that you throw at it. This lightweight media player is perfectly designed for usability and will play a staggering number of different file types. Compared to the prepackaged software that Windows offers, VLC is more lightweight, functional and versatile.

Get the most out of your new computer with these fantastic free applications and ditch the bloated software loaded into your new system. If you would like to know more about improving your IT setup, contact our experts at Rapid IT today.