Many people’s preferences towards a Mac or Windows device stem from an issue of personal taste, however, they are inherently different thanks to their design philosophies. Read on to find out all about the differences between a Mac and a Windows PC, and which one is easier to repair.

Closed off Macs

One of the trademarks of Apple’s design process is the way in which they are much more ‘closed off’, and keep their settings limited in a way that Windows doesn’t. One of the core reasons for this is the “one company” nature of the Mac. From the hardware to the operating system, a Mac is designed and put together by Apple. It doesn’t need to be as open and customisable as Windows, meaning that you will often find a lot of underlying settings and information missing when you’re trying to use the more advanced features of a Mac.

Control Panel

One of the biggest tools at your disposal when you’re making changes or resolving problems with your Windows device is the Control Panel. This is home to hundreds of settings and can lead you to solutions for thousands of unique and hard to resolve problems. Even better, this is simply touching the services of Windows’ adaptability. Tools such as Command Prompt, when used correctly, can be the key to unlocking any Windows problems. Windows is naturally a far more open and modifiable platform, as it can see a range of hardware from the most impressive specifications to more basic office PCs.

So is a Mac harder to repair?

To an outsider, a Mac is far more difficult to repair than a standard Windows PC. The relative lack of settings means that it can be tough to find what you need to, and building a solution with such limited options can be difficult. However, a trained IT support professional will work to find a solution with ease, as the simplicity of a Mac can make it easier for experts to rectify issues.

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