The internet is, of course, a public or shared network. Establishing a virtual private network (VPN) is important for individuals and small businesses who want to protect their privacy and security when using the internet to send or receive data. This is particularly important now that the COVID-19 pandemic has increased the number of employees working remotely and using unsecured Wi-Fi connections. Hackers can easily spy on their data flows unless safeguards are put in place.

What is a VPN?

A VPN is an encrypted connection over the internet from remote devices to your network. It provides a protected ‘tunnel’ through which remote workers can be authenticated and then send or receive data on their laptops, tablets, or smartphones. The encryption prevents unapproved people from prying on the data traffic.

User authentication

Protection starts with vetting the users. VPN technology employs strong methods to authenticate a device before it is allowed to connect. The device must meet pre-set tests or requirements, otherwise, it will be blocked from connecting.

Installation issues

VPN design, installation, management, and maintenance can be a complex matter. It requires specialist routers and dedicated servers. Ideally, users should not experience any connection speed or reliability degradation while connected to a VPN.

To begin with, you must determine if your business can rely on a low-cost off-the-shelf client or will be better served by a custom-built solution. There are different types of configurations to consider, including Meraki Auto, Multifactor Authentication, and Ethernet VPNs. There are also router and server security issues to decide. Another factor is allowing sufficient scalability for future growth.


Individuals can use a VPN to surf the web safely using open Wi-Fi networks at their favourite cafés, restaurants, clubs, or other public spaces. Small businesses can feel secure when their employees are out of the office sending sensitive company information remotely from unsecured Wi-Fi connections. Whether you are an individual or a small business looking to establish a VPN, our Rapid IT Support team can help you navigate through the process. Our computer network professionals have installed countless VPNs all around Australia.