For any growing business, understanding the risks of computer and internet usage is a must. While most companies these days are informed about viruses, malicious software continues to evolve and become smart and smarter – and much more challenging to spot. So, as a small business, how do you keep malware and ransomware out and your employees safe?

Here are three of our top tips to up your IT security, keeping your business safe and your computers ransomware-free in the long term:

Offer training and regular reminders about the risks of ransomware

Knowledge is the best tool anyone has against ransomware. Providing your employees with concrete ways to identify and stop malicious software from accessing your systems is key to IT security, without even clicking a mouse or touching a keyboard. Regular training and reminders about what ransomware looks like, what to do if you spot it, and how to manage viruses can help to ensure your business stay virus-free for years to come.

Install a high-quality antivirus software on your business computers

Occasionally, malware can slip through the gaps. No matter how vigilant or trained you are, some ransomware can be so convincing or seamless that it manages to breach your defences. That’s where a great antivirus comes in handy. Installing a paid-for antivirus onto your office computers can help to catch anything that does manage to access your network, neutralising nasty malware before it can get any further or cause any damage.

Work with a professional IT support service

Ultimately, the best way to protect your business against malware and ransomware is to put it in the hands of the experts. A tech support Sunshine Coast service will be able to identify areas of weakness, provide antivirus setup, and even help with existing ransomware attacks to improve your business’s overall safety. If you want to offer the highest standard of protection, online IT support is an excellent place to start.

If you need high-quality IT helpdesk support to keep your business protected, Rapid IT Support is the best team for the job. Get in touch today to find out more about what we could do for you.