Every computer owner at some point notices how the performance of their computer system decreases with time. It can be inaccessible internet, programmes running slowly, freezing, malware issues and many more. Not all computer issues especially complex ones need the owner to try and fix them. Looking for a professional IT service is always the right thing to do.

Most people who turn to DIY for computer solutions make the following mistakes:

Forgetting important basic checks

Many computer issues come from simple errors or mistakes that users make. For instance, people often mistake their sudden Wi-Fi signal loss for faulty Wi-Fi hardware or software. When in fact, they have accidentally switched off their Wi-Fi switch using the physical button whilst carrying their laptop around. People also assume the same when the monitor screen goes black whereas the monitor cable might have just wiggled loose.

Not using security software

It is unbelievable but true that some people don’t think that it’s necessary to protect their computer with security software. For others, these programmes use up a lot of system resources and also cause other programmes to load slowly or freeze. These are issues that can be solved by simply increasing RAM. Note that without using an anti-virus, you could trigger malware to damage your system while you’re trying to fix your computer by yourself, something a professional IT security provider won’t do.

Starting without backing up data

Beginning your computer repairs without backing up your important data is a serious mistake that will cause you to lose vital information. This includes passwords, financial records, essential images, videos and other documents. Our professional IT security managed services usually have offline and/or cloud backups for every valuable piece of your data.

We recommend that you contact our professional IT security support team to get the best managed IT services in Australia instead of fixing your own computer system problems by yourself. This is the ideal way to prevent costly damage, future issues and also save time. At our online-only IT helpdesk, we offer small to medium business computer support services. For more information or an appointment to fix your computer needs, contact our expert team today.