Computer viruses use malicious software to damage your computer and steal personal information from you. Unfortunately, viruses are very common and can sometimes get through even the best anti-virus software. If you are worried that your computer may have a virus, continue reading for the tell-tale signs.

Random pop-up windows

A key symptom of a computer virus is unexpected pop-up windows that appear on your screen. These windows may seem innocent but can actually be very sinister. Often, a virus will imitate anti-virus software and claim that you have threats on your computer. The pop-up may encourage you to click a link which can expose your personal information. No real security provider would ever ask you to call a customer service number, so bear this in mind.

Computer running slowly

You may notice that your computer is running significantly slower than usual. Often, malware will slow down your operating system, as the virus is working in the background. You may also find that your computer is crashing frequently, or automatically restarting without you asking it to. A lack of hard disk space is also a key sign of a virus.

Malfunctioning computer

If your computer has started to malfunction, it could be caused by a virus. The computer may start to open files on its own, open internet sessions, or send emails without your knowledge. If you find that you have been blocked from anti-virus websites, this could be a key indicator that you have a virus. Viruses can change your browser settings and make anti-virus websites inaccessible to prevent you from removing the virus. Other viruses may alter your computer’s DNS settings or add new entries to the host file of your operating system. This can severely damage your computer in the long term.

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