Whilst many organisations have already upgraded to the latest version of Windows as part of their IT solution, many also are lagging behind on Windows 7 or 8. In this article, we are going to cover a few of the features in Windows 10 that might convince you to finally ditch the outdated operating system and get up to speed.


Cortana is a digital assistant that helps you get around your computer faster. Cortana’s key drawcard is voice activation, allowing you to multi-task with ease. From opening files to searching your hard drive, to much more, Cortana may just deliver you an edge in productivity.

Multiple desktops

Speaking of multi-tasking, the multiple desktops feature allows you to juggle multiple sets of applications at once. Your antivirus setup can go on uninterrupted on one desktop, and your main work on another. This feature can also be handy when looking to put in a pin in a given task, and not be distracted by it at all, since the other desktop isn’t visible. All those open files and folders can be effectively saved for later by simply creating a new desktop, and starting up the next task. Then, when ready, the second desktop can be simply removed, sending you back to your previous task seamlessly.

Superior hybrid support

As technology continues to improve, mobile solutions improve along with it. Devices such as “2-in-1s”, like a laptop and tablet combined, are becoming more common, and Windows 10 better supports these kinds of devices with their feature “Continuum”. Windows now detects when an external keyboard has been plugged in, and automatically adjusts the display mode to support such a workflow, reverting back to a traditional tablet-style display when removed. This feature may be a game-changer for your organisation if any of your employees work on the go frequently, or out on sites with their portable devices.

The action centre

The action centre is a menu that displays all your notifications in one, handy to access location at the bottom right of your desktop. This includes anything from system notifications like updates, to emails that have been coming in from your IT help desk. Having a convenient place to see everything that’s happened whilst you ducked into a meeting, as opposed to needing to check a few different places, can help with productivity significantly.

Snip and sketch

The snipping tool, which has been around for a while, is now supplemented by Snip & Sketch, a feature that can be easily accessed with Windows key + Shift + S. This feature allows you to take a quick screenshot, and then highlight certain features with a few tools. This image is already saved to your clipboard as well, meaning that it can be quickly pasted into your email at a flash. This can help for example when engaging your managed service provider, to accurately highlight any issues being faced, so that troubleshooting is quick and simple. .


Windows 10 has a variety of features that are going to boost the efficiency of your IT solution within the office. So if you haven’t already upgraded, consider it, and give Rapid IT a call today to get the process started.