Windows Defender is a piece of anti-virus software that comes pre-installed with Windows 10. Being ‘free’ (since it comes with the operating system, which does need to be paid for), it is a very tempting option to use for your organisation’s IT security, but is it worth it? Price is the obvious benefit, so let’s discuss a few other reasons as to why we think that it is worthwhile, especially for smaller organisations.

Easy to use

Since Defender comes pre-installed on Windows 10 machines, the installation process is as simple as it gets, and it is enabled automatically. Its interface is easy to use as well, for both novices and IT professionals alike. Another advantage is that Defender comes with standard operating system updates.

Strong protection

Windows Defender offers protection against malware, so combined with Windows Security more generally, it helps to provide holistic protection. That being said, Defender received a perfect score from independent organisation AV Test []. This also, as an aside, included very low-performance impact as compared to the industry average, likely due to the integration with Windows itself. With it being a free product, having a fantastic protection rating is extremely heartening.

Limited reporting tools

For very small organisations, not having a detailed reporting system of threats and similar may be sufficient, since you may not be that interested in the granular detail. For medium or larger organisations though, having a more robust reporting platform is going to be valuable, and this is where Defender does fall short, since reporting capability is limited. Defender will tell you the status of past and present virus scans, but that’s it. If you are in a position where network security needs to be analysed, a more robust platform such as Kaspersky or Symantec is likely more suitable.


Windows Defender is a free anti-virus program which has an extremely robust anti-virus system. This also comes with an extremely easy to use platform, making it great for smaller organisations. However, for larger organisations that need reporting tools to properly defend their network, the solution will not be sufficient. If you want to customise Windows Defender for your needs, or if you think that you need a more complete security solution, get in touch with your local managed service provider, Rapid IT, on 1300 727 430.