When it comes to business, data is everything, and losing it can have a serious impact on your company’s value and reputation. If you are not backing up your data regularly, here are some reasons why you should start immediately.

It ensures you won’t lose data from a ransomware attack

Did you know that more than half of all Australian businesses have been disrupted by cyber-attacks? According to one article by AFR, ransomware attacks shot up in 2020, with 64% of local businesses being targeted.

When ransomware attacks happen, your data is put at risk, and some businesses are never able to retrieve some of the data that is stolen from them. By regularly backing up your data across a wide variety of systems, you will ensure that your data will not be lost should your company have a cyber attack.

It protects you from human error

Your data isn’t just open to online threats, it’s also vulnerable to human error. Accidents happen – data can be accidentally deleted or overwritten and lost in a matter of seconds. Storing your data in the cloud can help ensure that, if anything accidental happens, your business’s data will be protected.

It will protect your data from physical damage

When it comes to data, many people forget that it can be physically damaged or stolen. Whether it’s an employee spilling coffee on a hard drive or a burglary, it’s always best to be prepared. That’s why you should have a physical data storage solution that isn’t on your property. That way, if the worst was to happen, your data is protected.

How to backup your data

There are many different ways that data can be backed up. To ensure full protection, we recommend that you keep at least three copies of your data, with one being a physical copy that is offsite.

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