Managed IT services refer to outsourced IT tasks. Managed IT services involve an independent contractor performing agreed-upon IT services for a customer. Many of the services are performed remotely rather than on-site.


Managed IT service providers first emerged during the 1990s, soon after application service providers (ASPs) began offering remote application hosting services. ASPs demonstrated the viability of providing support services off-site. Over time, enterprises have increasingly relied on managed IT services because they allow them to focus on their core business and provides predictable pricing.

Commonly outsourced services

Managed IT services began with businesses outsourcing the remote monitoring and management of their desktop computers, mobile devices and servers. From that beginning, the range of outsourced services quickly mushroomed.

Another common example now is VOIP telephony services. Managed service providers often maintain ‘voice over internet protocol’ communications for customers.

Cybersecurity is being increasingly performed by managed services providers who remotely monitor threats and provide rapid incident response. In this area, providers partner with security software vendors.

Similarly, managed IT services may include cloud computing or support of a major software platform such as Salesforce or ServiceNow. In these instances, the managed services provider usually partners with the cloud provider or the software vendor.


Two separate agreements typically define the relationship between a managed services provider and its customer. A master services agreement sets out the basic terms and conditions under which the provider will provide its services. A service level agreement identifies the specific services to be provided and how the successful delivery of each service will be measured. Some providers choose to combine these agreements into one document.


Managed services providers may price their services on a unit basis (per-device or per-user) or as an all-inclusive monthly flat-fee. The pricing basis is often finalised after discussion with the customer.


Over the past twenty years, enterprises have increasingly relied on managed IT services because it provides them with efficient IT services, allows customers to focus on their core business, and provides them with predictable pricing.

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