New computers perform exceptionally well in terms of speed, but as soon as the systems get old, their performance starts to decline. Have you been experiencing the same with your system? Is it too slow? Throwing it out is not the solution! You need to focus on a few important things which will help you boost your system’s performance. Here are a few pointers.

Best Appearance and Best Performance Settings

When you adjust your computer’s setting to make it give its ‘best appearance’, it will not perform as it was prior to this setting. This is because best appearance takes up a lot of memory, thus slowing down your system.. Your system will start hanging and lagging at times. It is better that you adjust your PC for best performance rather than best appearance.

Clearing Trash

Clearing the desktop is not enough. All the items that you delete, add up in the recycle bin. A lot of memory is then taken up by these programs because they are still present in the Bin. As such, you might want to permanently remove programs from your computer and for doing so, you need to clear your Recycle Bin.Right click on the Recycle Bin icon and click on ‘Empty Recycle Bin.’ Alternatively, the next time you are deleting files, you can press Shift+Delete to permanently delete the file.

Deleting Temporary Files

Certain programs create temporary files while they are in use. This helps in recovering data in situations where the computer breaks down or shuts down accidentally and is also used in the general operation of the program. Whilst these files can help in saving data, they should be deleted frequently once you are done working on that program and have saved all your data. These files can take up a lot of space, and thus, should be deleted frequently.

Remove Unwanted Programs

Some of us install new programs and applications on a daily basis, but it should be ensured that only the useful ones are saved in the system. Uninstalling programs which have not been used in the past fifteen days will help in freeing up a lot of storage and memory, thus improving your system’s performance.

Clean Windows Registry

A registry is where the basic settings of programs are stored. Thus, whenever a program is deleted, it leaves empty keys which can affect the performance of your system. Therefore maintaining a clean registry is essential. One effective way of doing this, is to clear the empty keys. This will free considerable space in your system, and improve the performance as well.

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