Three ways to speed up your business IT services

Is your small business IT service slowing you down?

Are you spending more time fixing slow computers than running your business? Speeding up a computer system is a great way for business owners to make sure they can stay on top of their orders, appointments, website, services and more. These three simple steps could save you hours of valuable time, so let’s get your system up to speed!

Banish the junk

If your computer system is taking forever to start, it might be because its memory is full of useless junk files. You can install a free system cleaner to do it for you, or manually clear out any junk files, deleted photos, online search history, cookies and temporary files. It’s also a good idea to delete any apps, screenshots or files that you no longer use to free up memory. With more free hard drive space, your computer should start speeding up in no time.

Outsource your IT support services

If you’re a business owner who is spending too much time fixing your IT issues and teaching team members new software, then it’s time to outsource your IT support. Managed IT support services mean you’ve always got a computer expert at the end of the phone to fix any problems, so you don’t have to spend time researching and trawling the web for solutions. They’ll also make sure your system is running efficiently, monitor your systems and enable you to make the most of your IT infrastructure.

Run a virus check

If your computer system has been running slowly, or you are having repeated issues loading a certain program, you may have a problem with malware. If you have accidentally downloaded a virus it can quickly slow down your computer and cause a host of issues across your IT systems. Make sure you run a regular virus scan and remove any suspicious software as soon as possible.

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