The spread of spyware and malware has been on the rise. With approximate 317 million malware introduced last year, it has been reported that almost 1 million new threats were released every day. The situation is only getting worse and you need to take effective steps to secure your computer from such threats and viruses. So what can you do to protect your computer? Here are some ways which can help:

Installing Quality Antivirus

Many of us believe that free antivirus application bundles which include anti-malware applications are sufficient to fight viruses.However, this is not always true. Some of these free programs are not sufficient enough to protect your computer from the ever-increasing list of malware threats. You should thus, install professional, business-grade antivirus software on your PC. These programs upgrade automatically and will keep your computer protected from all types of malwares.

Making use of real-time anti-spyware protection

A common perception of computer users is that one single anti-malware program will help them in protecting their computer from viruses, but this is not always the case. some anti-malware programs do not have proactive virus fighting features, accordingly, the security that they provide is limited. Whilstthese programs can detect spyware threats after the system is infected, they do not have the ability to stop the infection from entering the computer.

Keep anti-malware applications up-to-date

Regular updates are required, without updates the computer will not be protected against serious threats. All computer users should make sure that their anti-virus programs are up to date and that they are protected from all types of malware threats. As these threats are increasing rapidly, keepingthese programs up-to-date has become a necessity.

Daily Scans

Have you ever noticed an unusual message popping up whenever you switch on your computer? Observeda new file/program which wasn’t there a day before? Well, these all are signs that your computer has been infected by a virus. To protect yourself from such situations, make sure that you perform scans on a daily basis. This will help in removing any virus or infection that might have entered into your system.

Disable Image Previews in Outlook

Although we aren’t aware of it, outlook can be a major source of viruses. All messages sent and received through outlook may contain viruses. Thus, to prevent your computer from being affected bythe virus, disable the image preview option in your Outlook. New viruses can be transferred with an image file, and opening them may infect your whole computer. Protect yourself and make sure that you do not have this option enabled.

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