In the past year alone, the incidents of mobile hacking have more than doubled. What is more amazing is that over 90% of the hacks were conducted using the seemingly innocuous apps displayed on your mobile screens. These apps hide malware and spyware whose main purposes are to attack your phone on all fronts and to steal sensitive data.

Here are a few actions that you can take to protect your phone against malware and spyware:

Apple and Google App Store

Both these stores are more vigilant about apps with malware and spyware. The apps are regularly scanned and if their security protocol is found lacking then they are reported. Both app stores take these steps to ensure user safety at all fronts. But there are things you can do that will add to this level of security and will keep your phone free from spyware and malware.

· Don’t Trust Third Party Stores

As much as you can, stick to official stores for apps. Apple, Google and even Windows app stores enforce very strict safety protocols. If an app didn’t make it to these stores, then there is probably a very good reason why. That is why you should think long and hard before trusting a third party app store. These stores will not offer you security certifications and will not take responsibility for any unpleasant outcomes.

· Don’t Change Your Phone’s Security Settings

Most phones are programmed to accept apps only from official device stores. This is a safety feature designed to ensure that you don’t accidently download an app from the wrong source. But if you are still adamant to download an app from an external source, then you will have to change your phone’s settings, which is probably one of the worst mistakes you can make. By changing your phone’s settings, you are lowering your security and making the device more vulnerable.

· Don’t Forget to Download an Anti-Virus App

In fact it’s the first app you should download after you get a phone. The app will regularly scan your phone for spyware and malware and protect your phone from any mishaps. You can set the app up for automatic or manual scans, but make sure whatever the choice, the scans should be conducted regularly.

· Updates

New updates bring with them security enhancements that are meant to protect your phone. Yes, they do take long to download but at the end of the day you are going to be the one to benefit from them. So make sure that from now on, you don’t skip any important updates.

Despite all these precautions, if your phone is still attacked then you can contact us to remove the malware and spyware from your mobile devices. You can also contact us for effective virus removal from computers. Register with us today to avail the best IT support services.