Spyware is a type of malicious software that intends to gather information about a person or organisation without that person or organisation’s consent. The software is designed to harm the user either by violating their privacy or endangering the security of their device.

If a computer in your workplace becomes affected with spyware, it can have devastating consequences for your business. Spyware leaves your company open to data breaches, can lead to misuse of your staff’s private data, and can slow down network performance. In all cases, spyware may lead to loss of money, time, and reputation.
Enlisting professional IT support and services is the best way to protect your business from spyware.

Spyware can slow down productivity

Some kinds of spyware aren’t as severe as others, such as spyware that causes adware popups to appear on your employees’ screens. These bothersome programs may not pose a security risk, but can still have dramatic effects on your business by slowing down your hardware and intruding upon your employees’ workspaces. This kind of spyware can lead to missed deadlines, costing you money and affecting your business’s reputation.

Shutting down systems or erasing files

Some more serious kinds of spyware can shut down computer systems or completely erase your files. Valuable client records or financial details could be lost as a result. Backing up your files regularly is the best way to avoid this devastating consequence.

Identify theft

If you work with sensitive data like names, birthdays, addresses, passwords, and credit card numbers, particularly severe forms of spyware can lead to identity theft. These especially malicious forms contain keyloggers, which log every key you type and send the data back to the source of the spyware. The cybercriminal can then use this information to commit identify fraud or attempt to steal money from your company or clients.

Worried about spyware?

If you’ve noticed signs of spyware on your business’s computer systems or would like advice on how to mitigate future virus issues, you should contact an expert for advice. The team at RapidIT is available 24/7 to provide emergency support, keeping your business safe.

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