You’ve purchased a new PC and are feeling excited about opening the box. But before you even switch the on button be sure to read this guide so you know how to to optimise your PC and get your new computer running to the best of its ability.

1. Enable Windows updates

Try not to surf the internet or use any of your computer’s programs until Windows has completed its updates. To do this, go to Control Panel > System and Security > Windows Update > Check for Updates. Why is it important to have these updates in place? Because if your computer is running on the latest version of Windows then it’ll be faster and more optimised.

2. Install a faster internet browser

Internet Explorer comes standard with PCs but these days there are other browsers that allow you to browse the internet at a faster speed. Consider downloading Chrome or Firefox to your desktop for optimised internet usage.

3. Get you anti-virus software in place

The last thing you want is for a new computer to get a virus soon after it’s been purchased. Windows 8 comes with its own program called Windows Defender which is an adequate security system. However, it certainly isn’t the most fully-featured anti-malware software on the market, so purchase or download better security if you really want to keep your computer secure.

4. Delete what you don’t need

Often your PC will come with software you don’t need and if you get rid of these programs then you’ll find your computer runs more efficiently. Head to your control panel and uninstall any programs you don’t think you’ll use.

5. Make sure your files are backed up securely

Now your PC is ready to be used, make sure you have a way of backing up everything so you don’t lose any of your data. If possible, create a clone of your computer’s primary hard drive and save it to another hard drive. There are lots of free back up tools on the web to help you make sure you don’t lose important files. It is handy to purchase two external hard drives and save everything to both on a regular basis so you have multiple copies.

You should now be ready to use your computer in an optimised way. Have fun! If you need any help, we offer 24 hour computer support, so don’t hesitate to get in touch.