In the modern office, fast and reliable network speeds are essential. Your managed service provider will be able to assist with a more specific and holistic plan, but here are a few quick tips you can implement yourself to improve network speed.

Restart your systems

Sometimes all technology needs is a fresh slate, and this is equally the case for your modem, router, and so on. Looking from this perspective, if you are experiencing some slowness, give a restart a try for a quick fix. Specifically to achieve this, unplug the devices, leave them off for a couple of minutes, and then plug them back in, powering them on accordingly.

Be clever about viruses

We’ve discussed what to do in the event of virus infection before [], but it’s important to be consistently vigilant for any possible viruses, as opposed to just taking action when a virus is detected. Infection is a key driver for performance degradation and hence is something to watch out for. The key thing is to run any virus removal processes regularly (scanning and so on), and in an automated fashion to ensure that you don’t forget.

Ensure scaling is appropriatew

With your network setup, ensure that it can manage the amount of load that you are attempting to put on it. For example, if you only have 10 devices connected to the network, then a smaller server is likely OK. Equally though, if you were to then connect 30 devices to that same smaller server, you’re going to encounter issues. Equally though, one wouldn’t want to be paying for a system that supports 30 devices, when only 10 are being used. So, ensure that a review of infrastructure is taken, in conjunction with your IT helpdesk. They are the experts and will have the know-how to advise you best.


Network speed is a key factor to your organisation’s efficiency, so it is important to ensure that it is maintained accordingly. Three tips have been given here, relating to restarting devices, ensuring security is maintained relating to viruses, as well as having infrastructure that scales appropriately. If you have a slow network and want to have that sped up, get in touch with Rapid IT today to have a conversation, on 1300 727 430.