Established in 1988, Avast prevents 1.5 billion attacks on personal and commercial devices every month. Their layered system (including extensive malware protection, efficient patching for software and operating systems, and identity protection) makes this figure possible. Small businesses make up a majority of the Australian economy, so this article focuses on those with less than 20 employees and breaks down Avast’s premium Business Next-Gen Antivirus and Patch Management applications.

1. 7 layers of malware protection

Short for ‘malicious software’, malware is the collective term for any computer software that intends to harm a device or steal data. Using their unique layered system, Avast analyses suspicious files and URLs, assesses their threat level, and stops the infected files from doing any damage to your device. If new malware is detected, it is entered into Avast’s database for future threats.

2. Patch management

Over half of the data breaches found can be attributed to poor patch management. A quick Google search regarding the act of patching an operating system will show you that the process of keeping business computers safe from ransomware, lost data, and more is rather complex and time-consuming. Avast offers a simpler alternative and the best part is they do the work for you so you can focus on your business. With their Patch Management service, you can quickly update thousands of third-party apps (like Windows) for free.

3. Identity protection

According to ACS, Australia is one of the most hacked countries, having had 16 significant cyberattacks since 2016. So there is no better time to have your details protected. Avast has your business covered with their elite security system. Your business details (such as banking information, passwords, and downloads) will be protected from hackers because Avast searches places like the dark web’s favourite marketplaces for your personal details and helps you lock down your account before data can be stolen.

Without adequate protection, the business’s devices could succumb to malware or hacking and you or your employees’ details could be leaked. To avoid this, download Avast’s premium applications for $87.27 annually. If you would like to discuss protection in more detail, please do not hesitate to contact us.